With 100 years of combined experience across all aspects of media business – agency, client-side marketing, publisher & media owner.

Building on robust insight, we shape media recommendations that encompass all aspects of traditional and digital media to increase marketing effectiveness, and improve ROI.


We dig deep. By fully understanding your customers, we can determine how best to find others that exhibit similar characteristics.

We use a range of tools and bring big data to bear to produce truly actionable insights – that help reach your audience in the most effective manner.

We evaluate market opportunity, at the appropriate level for the task in hand – whether national, regional or local – both in the UK and overseas.

We produce detailed market reports and analysis to bring your audience to life – that help you to better understand their behaviour and motivations, as well as lifestyle attributes and media choices.


With the meteoric rise of digital media in recent years, the more traditional media routes can sometimes be viewed as less relevant to todays’ advertisers.

At P15, media intelligence comes first. We have access to the very latest media planning tools and consumer research that enable us to pinpoint consumer media behaviour.

As a consequence, our starting point for any campaign brief is to establish the media repertoire of the target audience. What do they consume? We define the most relevant; most impactful; most effective, and most affordable media to deliver a media strategy that best suits your campaign objectives.

We know from considerable experience that the most effective campaigns are the ones that involve a mix of media channels, reaching the audience in different formats, different times of day, and different mind sets.

Our knowledge at P15 extends across every conceivable media option. Knowledge gained from working on thousands of campaigns for major advertisers. If it carries advertising, chances are we have used it – and more importantly – we can tell you if it works.


Digital is here to stay. It is now an integral part of virtually every campaign, accounting for just under half of all UK advertising spend. Fuelled by mobile, social, video and programmatic display advertising, digital is the fastest growth area of marketing, customer retention and engagement.

The greatest benefit of digital is that allows direct engagement and individual relationships with each individual audience member. We are quantitatively astute and driven by the sheer quantity of data on individual internet users – we just love big numbers!.

Programmatic – buying online display ads in real-time on a per-impression basis – is transforming our clients’ campaigns. The scope is huge, with billions of impressions bought and sold every day on multiple ad exchanges. Paired with granularity in audience segmentation, Real-time bidding (RTB) enables advertisers to pay the right price for each advert impression.

At P15 we harness the power of digital to deliver the most cost effective and efficient multi-channel, cross-device campaigns to deliver increased engagement – whether direct response / acquisition or brand awareness.


P15 looks beyond advertising as a means of communicating a client’s message to its target audience.

Rather than treating message and media separately, we use Content Partnerships to fuse the two together, expertly combining our intelligent approach to media planning with a creative interpretation of a brand’s story that’s tailored to resonate with a specific audience.

We draw on the resources of established media owners and use their editorial expertise, creativity and perspective to produce high quality branded content that engages, enriches and drives response. After all, creating great content is what they do best.

Working in this way allows us to leverage the unique bond that a publisher has with its audience and deliver a brand’s story in a way that ads don’t allow. And because the content is tailored to a specific audience and presented in a familiar tone and style, the reader, viewer or listener is more open and receptive to it.

Effective Content Partnerships strike the perfect balance between ‘exposure to message’ and ‘engagement with message’. It’s an approach that’s more considered, more personal, more accountable and most importantly yields results.